Monday, June 8, 2009

about me esei! ngah3~

assalamualaikum w.b.t..
welcome to my world!
my name is izlia.they call me lia..sometimes cik lia.he3.
izlia.she is the cutest girl among uncle halim's daughter!im always smile.always to sleep in a free to have a conversation in wrong timing!hahah..gardening is my part time job.but all of my flowers and trees are to wear perfume.hate the perfume that can make me to make cross stitch..
my previous school are SK Seri Ampang, SMK Seri Ampang, SMT Grik,and SMT Ipoh.studies at SMK seri ampang for 3years,smt grik 3month [never ask me y!],and smt ipoh until my big exam finished.
im the forth instead of sweet 18!and my birthday on 26.2.1991..
theres 2 things that i like.
first,i just loved froggy things.don't know why..maybe becoz they're cute and adorable to me.
but i don't like the real frog!even i've kill a lot of frog when im bout 9 years old..haha..don't get me wrong coz i don't know anything at that age.
i've collected a lot of froggy froggy chopstick.[just bought it]but i lost it 2 times before..i have froggy wallet,froggy earing,froggy...ahh even i can't name it becoz i've too much froggy collections!kih3..
next,im a big fan of the teenage girl called hannah montana [destiny hope cyrus act!]it sounds a bit childish,but i just loved her..i've watched hannah montana movie for two times..its fun to see my bf acting with her!
im going to continue my studies end of this june at uitm seri accountancy..not too far from my house and it takes only 30 minutes![if speed up 120km/j].no toll charges of course..hahah~f.y.i,i don't have any basics in,just go with the flowww..hihih..
ohh yaa,i've twin..her name is iz...iznia i think![sorry twin!]hahahah..studies at uitm kedah.her major is law..her faces just like me..[a bit skinny]i thought that she will be a doctor,but..anyway,all my secret safe in her hand.if i've done wrong,she's always covered up for me..[sometimes ''terlepas jugakk'']kih3..that is one of the advantage of being twin!for those was born single,don't be jeless.haha..wani.she's like our twin either..always together wherever we go..they tell me that her pipi just like ''kuih pau''hahaha..
so..thats all for today..hope u enjoy readin bout me..and now,i felt very sleepy becoz it is already 2 a.m!

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